You can Mix BNB from/to your Binance account or any BSC wallet, including Trust Wallet, or Binance Wallet.
However, BNB Mixer is exclusively run by BNB Mixer, Inc. and does not belong or have any link with Binance.

Gain Privacy

Break Free from the Chain

Because the blockchain (BSC) can be think of as a kind of open ledger that records every transaction, it is relatively easy to trace any transaction using explorers such as that allow to map activity on the Binance Smart Chain.

Without the use of very complex and specific tools such as the ones embedded in and provided by BNB Mixer: It is impossible to fully Anonymize a transaction.

To Anonymize your Coins and Wallet, simply create a new anonymous wallet, mix your coins FROM your old traceable wallet TO your new wallet.

Total BNB Mixed


*As of June 1st, 2024, since December 2020.

BNB Availables


*Amount of pre-mixed BNB availables in our pool.

Recent Mixing Transactions

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2.334 BNB • 76 minutes ago.
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Mixing BNB or Bep20

Becomes a piece of cake

BNB Mixers allows you to mix your BNB Coins and BEP20 Tokens in only three simple steps:

  • Set-up the BNB Mixer using your new untraceable wallet as "Forwarding Address" and choose a Mixing Time.
  • Deposit your Traceable BNB Coins to the Mixing Wallet and wait for Mixing Time.
  • Receive your Untraceable BNB coins on your Forwarding Address.


Thanks to a combination of several technologies such as Chain Swap and Crypto Loans. BNB Mixer guarantees Full Untraceability of your Coins.


With Mixing Fees going as low as 0.1% (depending of the Mixed Amount), BNB Mixer is proud to offer the most affordable BNB Mixing solution ever.


BNB Mixer is providing Mixing Services since December 2020 and crypto users already trusted our service to mix more than hundreds-thousands of BNB.

High Volume

BNB Mixer operates with Smart Contracts linked to the biggests decentralized crypto pools and can mix up to 10,000 BNB per Mixing Session.

No Registration

BNB Mixer does not require any kind of registration to operate. As an automated and decentralized Mixing App, anyone can use it as he wishes.


BNB Mixer does not comply with any government nor KYC regulations and do not require any personal information regarding its users.

PGP Public Key

For every mixing session, BNB Mixer generates a Letter of Guarantee.
This is a digitally signed message that guarantees that BNB Mixer will return the mixed BNB to the user within a specific timeframe.
To verify the authenticity of the Letter of Guarantee, kindly use our PGP public key to verify the signature on the Letter of Guarantee.